Our details are: Club Brugge NV, Herenweg 9, 8300 Knokke-Heist, registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises, under enterprise number 0460.444.251 (hereinafter “Club Brugge“, “we“ or “us“).

1. Scope of application

On average, some thirty Belgians suffer a cardiac arrest every day, and less than ten percent survive. In this context, Club Brugge, in collaboration with Unibet, launched the No Heart No Glory campaign, whereby by completing a quiz (supported by augmented reality) participants can test their knowledge regarding CPR (hereinafter “Campaign“). If the participant achieves a perfect score on the quiz, that person is eligible to claim a reward. This Campaign is offered to the participant through a web application (hereinafter “Web Application“).

These Terms of Use apply when you participate in the Campaign.

By participating in the Campaign, you agree to these Terms of Use and agree to abide by and accept these Terms of Use.

2. Participation in the Campaign and use of the Web Application.

You agree not to participate in the Campaign and/or not to use its underlying Web Application:

  • (a) for your own commercial purposes or for the commercial purposes of third parties. Participation in the Campaign and use of the Web Application is limited to personal purposes only.
  • (b) to post, transmit, transmit or otherwise make available any content or information that is unlawful, abusive, threatening, racist, hateful, libelous, defamatory, vulgar, offensive or harmful to Club Brugge and/or third parties;
  • (c) not to unduly or unlawfully burden, impede, or otherwise interfere with the Campaign, its underlying Web Application or related services, products, software, networking, access and other products and services.

3. Intellectual Property

The entire Campaign and its underlying Web Application may contain information, data, images, works, data, texts, video material, databases, brands, trade names, domain names and other materials and data belonging to Club Brugge and third parties, which are protected by (intellectual) (property) rights. You acknowledge these rights and undertake not to use these materials and data in a way that infringes the aforementioned rights of Club Brugge or third parties.

4. Privacy

Regarding the processing of your Personal Data in the context of the Campaign, the Privacy Statement specifically created for the Campaign applies. You can find this privacy statement on the home screen of the Web Application and at the bottom of each follow-up screen in the Web Application.

5. Limitation of liability

The Campaign and its underlying Web Application are always offered by Club Brugge 'as is'. Club Brugge only has a best-efforts obligation in this respect. Participation in the Campaign and use of the Web Application takes place at your own risk, without Club Brugge granting any guarantees or results, neither explicitly nor implicitly. Only in jurisdictions where exclusion or limitation of a warranty cannot be invoked, that particular warranty shall not be excluded or limited and Club Brugge's warranty shall be excluded or limited to the minimum duty imposed by applicable law.

Club Brugge cannot guarantee that the Campaign and its underlying Web Application, in whole or in part, temporarily or permanently, will be without defects and cannot be held responsible or liable for any errors, defects, incompleteness, inaccuracies or other imperfections of the Campaign.

Club Brugge shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, punitive and/or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use the Web Application associated with the Campaign including all products and services provided through the Campaign. Only in jurisdictions where an exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages cannot be invoked will Club Brugge's liability be limited to the maximum exclusion as permitted by law.

6. Termination of the Campaign and use of the Web Application

Club Brugge has the right at any time to suspend, remove, discontinue, limit or modify all or part of the Campaign and the use of its underlying Web Application and this with respect to one, several or all users. Club Brugge may make this decision without notice and without giving any reason. You cannot hold Club Brugge liable or at fault in any way for such a decision.

7. Termination of this Agreement

Club Brugge has the right to terminate this agreement at any time without notice and without giving any reason, without Club Brugge being in any way liable for any consequence resulting therefrom.

8. Changes

Club Brugge has the right to unilaterally modify these Terms of Use and agreement at any time. Each new participation in the Campaign is subject to the latest version. You should check it regularly.

9. Miscellaneous provisions

Failure or delay by you or us in exercising any right under these Terms of Use shall not be deemed a waiver of that right. Such failure or delay shall not affect any other event or right.

If any clause in these Terms of Use should become or be declared invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, such invalidity or unenforceability shall in no way affect the validity or enforceability of any other clause in whole or in part.

No person who is not a party to these Terms of Use shall thereby acquire any rights or assert any rights under any provision of these Terms of Use, even if that person relies on such provision or has indicated to either party that it agrees to any provision of these Terms of Use.

A printed version of these Terms of Use, the Privacy Statement and of any warning and message delivered under electronic form, shall be accepted in any judicial or administrative proceedings arising out of or related to these Terms of Use, the Privacy Statement, in the same manner and under the same conditions as other documents and commercial records created and kept in printed form. All rights not expressly ceded in this document are reserved.

All agreements to which these Terms of Use apply are governed by Belgian law. For all disputes that might arise regarding these Terms of Use, the courts competent for the jurisdiction where Club Brugge's registered office is located are exclusively competent.